Are Investors Becoming Complacent?

Risk assets have continued their rally in 2021 as investors discount an end to the pandemic and a surge in global economic growth. Valuations across traditional stocks and bonds remain elevated. More complex segments of the financial markets, including crypto-currencies and SPACs are being inflated by speculation and social media momentum. Are investors becoming complacent?

Revisiting Private Equity Manager Selection

Manager selection is critical within private equity, as evidenced by its wide return dispersion versus other asset classes. ACG dissects why private equity manager selection has become more complex over time and which key factors enhance decision making and drive favorable outcomes. 

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Elevated Inflation – Transitory or Taken Root?

The Federal Reserve, responsible for promoting stable prices as part of its mandate, has consistently described 2021 surging inflation as caused by transitory factors that will quickly fade. Recent reports suggest elevated inflation could last well into 2022. ACG describes the key factors driving higher inflation as well as how it could impact investors.

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Fed Tapering – Is Another Tantrum on the Way?

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is due to meet on Sept. 21-22, and investors are eagerly awaiting insights on the Fed’s asset purchase program. ACG looks back at the 2013 Taper Tantrum and discusses why the current economic environment might prevent a similar market reaction.

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China - Game Over?

Recent regulations directed toward education and technology companies have caused Chinese equities to come under pressure. As further regulatory actions appear likely, should investors continue to allocate to Chinese equities?

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